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Rules of Engagement: The Five Types of Social Media Members Seek Most

By: Tiffany McEachern, Social Media Marketing Specialist, PSCU

With so much content available at your fingertips, it’s more important than ever to share relevant material on your social media channels that your followers care about. So what kind of content gets your followers to engage?

Here are the five types of social media content that are sure to boost engagement rates for credit unions:

Member-related Content
There is no one better to share their experience with your credit union than a happy member. Members are what make your credit union great, so why not tell their stories? Recently, Allegacy Federal Credit Union shared a story on their Facebook page about one of their members opening a savings account for their daughter. The credit union employee that opened that savings account was the same person who opened a savings account for the member’s mom when she was a newborn back in 1982! As indicated by the 75 reactions, 10 comments and two shares they received, this heartfelt story resonated strongly with Allegacy Federal Credit Union’s followers.

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Member testimonials or stories aren’t the only kinds of content you can use. User-generated content is also a great way to share your members’ stories. Not only does user-generated content humanize your brand, but it is also more relatable to consumers when they are making purchase decisions.

Interactive Content
With new features like polls on Facebook and quizzes on Instagram, it’s easier than ever to incorporate interactive content into your social media strategy. Asking your followers poll questions is a great way to help you better understand them and the things they care about. Polling is a great way for credit unions to use interactive social media. You could simply ask your members a question like, “which promotional item do you like better, a water bottle or a reusable shopping bag?” Credit unions are always giving away branded promotional items at events, so why not give members promotional items that they want, while taking advantage of a great engagement opportunity on social media.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to limit yourself to questions about your credit union. Self-involvement is a natural part of human nature, so ask members questions that relate to them personally. Get to know your members at a deeper level by tying your questions to certain events. For example, in honor of National Doughnut Day, Schools Financial Credit Union asked their followers to comment on their favorite doughnut and get entered to win $50. Their post received 240 comments, 96 reactions, and 9 shares over the course of three days. Plus, now they know what kinds of doughnuts their members prefer, and could perhaps use that information to garner favorability at their next community or branch event.

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Emotional Content
Consumers spend over two hours per day on social media channels and they are often looking for funny or happy content. This is why funny videos go viral, why inspirational quotes get so many reactions, and why videos of dogs chasing robotic vacuums get shared thousands of times over. The ability to evoke emotion is crucial to engagement.

The release of Facebook reactions shows that consumers are interested in sharing their emotions and how different kinds of social media content makes them feel. Consumers can now express if a post makes them happy, mad, or even sad, and the key here is, they want to!

Employee Content
Consumers love seeing pictures of employees on company social media profiles. It not only humanizes your brand, but it shows your followers who is behind the scenes, helping make your credit union successful. Recently, PSCU shared our Relay for Life results on our LinkedIn page with pictures of our employees at Relay for Life Events, which resulted in strong engagement. Whether it’s an employee spotlight, employee recognition, or even just your employees at a community event, employee-related content will almost always boost your engagement rate.

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Video Content
Video content on social media has been on the rise for years and will only continue to grow. According to Cisco, 82 percent of internet traffic will be video by 2021. Many social media channels now offer a live video feature, making it easier than ever to incorporate video content into your credit union’s social media strategy. The good news is that all video content does not need to be taken by a professional videographer. Look for opportunities to capture real-time video moments with a smartphone – it is much more affordable to produce and is actually seen as more authentic by consumers.

With a steady focus on the member and a little forethought around these top-five content preferences, your credit union can dramatically improve your social media performance! Sure, it’s important to showcase what you do every day to the wider public, but the more you can get members to actually engage with you on social media, as opposed to just viewing your posts, the greater your impact will be.