Leveraging Your Social Media Strategy to Guide Members Throughout a Crisis

By: Daniel Martinez, Social Media Marketing Specialist, PSCU

So much has changed in the last few weeks as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold around the world. Here in the US, many organizations have been forced to quickly adapt to “social distancing,” teleworking, and stay-at-home orders within just a matter of days. Some have even ceased their operations entirely.

As the focus on COVID-19 has dominated nearly all news sources, social media has been no exception. In fact, many organizations have been consistently using their social media accounts to share updates and important information about the coronavirus with their followers. For organizations across the country, this has been a significant shift away from their 2020 social media strategies or general marketing efforts.

For credit unions, it’s an opportunity to stand out as a trusted and valued resource for not only their members, but also for the communities they serve. To achieve this, credit unions will need to rethink their current social media strategies – at least for the time being.

Here are some tips on what to post across social media during stressful situations like the one we’re all facing right now.

Be Consistent with Your Posts

If there was ever a time to make sure your followers are seeing new posts from you, it’s right now. Every credit union’s social media schedule is different, but if yours typically schedules daily posts on Monday through Friday, then you should do what you can to stick to that same schedule. With so much uncertainty in the market, chances are your members are becoming more concerned when they learn about businesses closing down or loved ones being laid off. As credit unions are deemed “essential” services during the COVID-19 crisis, this is the best time to reassure your members that you’re still in business and ready to support their needs.

Focus on What You’re Doing to Help

While you may already have posts scheduled around credit card rewards, IRA accounts, or commercial loans, you should consider putting a pause on those types of posts for right now. Instead, communicate to your followers about the many ways your credit union is able and ready to support its members during this time of crisis.

  • Post about how you’re temporarily waiving overdraft fees on checking accounts
  • Alert your followers about trending scams related to COVID-19 and how to protect themselves from theft
  • Highlight your advanced ATM capabilities or mobile banking technology as easy ways for your members to access their accounts and perform transactions
  • Mention how your credit union is donating to local food pantries or other community activities, as well as providing additional support to staff who have been displaced

These are all ways you can keep your followers informed while presenting your credit union as a valued partner in the community.

Rise Above the Noise

With so much content being posted across social media regarding COVID-19, it can be overwhelming. As important as it is to provide your followers with the most up-to-date information and resources related to the coronavirus situation, consider including some motivational posts in your social media mix.

  • Share some inspirational messages from your credit union leadership
  • Ask your staff to create an uplifting playlist to share across social media
  • Leverage lighthearted photos of your team members in their daily work

The idea is to find creative ways to not only express solidarity with your members, but also your community and even other credit unions in your area. After all, we’re in this together, and “people helping people” is what credit unions are all about!

PSCU is committed to delivering credit unions with the highest levels of support possible – especially when faced with unexpected circumstances like COVID-19. For that reason, we’ve launched a COVID-19 support resources site for credit unions to access our thought leadership content, webinars, guides, and social media assets regarding the pandemic. For more information, visit www.pscu.com/covid19.

Daniel Martinez is PSCU’s Social Media Marketing Specialist. With nearly eight years of experience in marketing and communications, Daniel has held positions in both corporate and non-profit organizations. He is focused on communicating PSCU’s mission and services across social media and providing credit unions with the information and resources they need to have a powerful impact in their communities.